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Hi Geoff,

> In Scite after typing 3 or so characters it pops up a list of matching variable names I have already used in the script, I find that feature extremely useful to avoid putting name typos into the script. How easy or difficult would it be to implement that as an option in ZBS ?

ZBS already implements something very similar. If you turn "dynamic
words" on, it will harvest all words from currently opened tabs and
offer them as part of auto-complete suggestions. You can also
configure how many characters need to match before suggestions are
offered. You can find the settings to enable this in the auto-complete
section of the documentation:

> Going back to my question from last week about debugging my own statically linked PC EXE containing Lua 5.1.5.  I noticed that ZBS can debug GSL Shell programs. I would have thought that the standard GSL Shell exe might be similar to my exe in that it has no inherent Lua socket code or Ethernet functions built in ?  So how does GSL Shell hook into  ZBS to enable you to debug a script ?

GSL-shell works using luasocket, but it didn't provide it out of the
box; Francesco Abbate (the author of GSL-shell) was kind to compile
and provide it along with GSL-shell. You can simply install the
luasocket library compiled for GLS shell and you can then debug
GSL-shell scripts with ZBS. I have links and details here:
(and the related ticket provides some background information on the
challenges and the solution
( Take a look
at these resources and see if you can make it work for your project.