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Hi Miles,

>> Scite will prompt for myTable and at xxx it will prompt for either
>> anotherLongVarName or aLongVarName

>This seems pretty much impossible to support robustly with a highly
>dynamic language like Lua...

>One can see how it could work with this particular example, by
>analyzing the local context, but I suspect that the _majority_ of
>times you want such completion, the information simply isn't available...

I agree; actually I wasn't planning on doing any complex analysis (and
I doubt that SciTE does either; maybe David M or someone familiar with
that implementation can correct me if I'm wrong here).

What I am thinking about is to simply extend the auto-complete that is
offered when you start typing "aLongVarName" as a variable to offer
the same suggestion when you are typing a filed name. It may be off in
some cases as I'm not validating that there is indeed a field with
that name, but if the main goals are to (1) minimize typos and (2)
minimize typing, it should be good enough.

I do plan to use a bit of syntax analysis to make variable suggestions
more context aware (to offer global and proper local variables in
auto-complete), but it's planned for later time.