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On 05/09/2013 11:48 AM, wrote:

Thanks for the suggestions, Gyepi, but it's not as simple as that. As
I mentioned, it's happening on multiple machines and workstations (8
out of 8 that I've tried, so far), and it takes a few days before the
problem manifests itself. None of the machines have any DNS issues
when my program isn't running, and all of them eventually do when it
is, so it's definitely somehthing my program is breaking. The memory
usage doesn't go up, so it's not something like that, but it's
definitely causing all DNS lookups on the machine to start failing.

It may be the program that is the proximate cause of the breakage as you say, but if so the actual problem is very likely in something else and it's just being triggered by this program... but regardless, that's beside the point: without posting anything about how your DNS is configured [do you run recursive lookups locally? if not, how many and which servers do you query?], what is the nature of the failure [does your DNS resolver report any errors to the calling program or to a system log, and if so what are they? you said that you cannot ping by hostname, OK so what error did your ping program report?], or running any diagnostics on the machine when it's malfunctioning [did you run a more specific resolver tool than 'ping'? did you try sniffing the wire? do DNS query packets go out? do replies come back? what are the contents of the reply packet?] all that anyone could do is wildly speculate, which frankly is a waste of time. How can you expect anyone here to help you find the cause of the failure when you've given no indication of what the failure is, other than "ping ip-addr works, ping hostname fails."

Also a little off-topic for this list, unless you can establish a more direct link to the Lua program other than your observed correlation between the program running for a long time and the resolver failure. It's the resolver that's failing so you need to diagnose it and see if that leads you back to the program or not.