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I've written a monitoring program in Lua (running only on Windows
machines) that does server Echo tests, web site checks, etc. Over a
period of six months or so, I've noticed that eventually the DNS on
the machines my program was running on eventually just stopped working
and I couldn't get it to start working again, except by
restarting the machine.

When I say the DNS quits working, I mean that the machine can no
longer communicate using hostnames. For example, once the DNS is
broken, I can open a command prompt and ping other machines by IP
address, but not by host name.

Other than this anomaly, my program runs fine for weeks, but
eventually, the machine's DNS stops working. Sometimes this happens
within a few days, and other times it might take a week or two, but
it's never been able to run more than a couple weeks on any Windows
machine without crashing the DNS. If I reboot the machine, DNS works
fine until I start my program - then, eventually, the DNS lookups stop
working again.

Has anybody else ever seen this, or do you have any idea what could be
causing it?