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My gosh. If there is any justice in the world, this discussion will stop, immediately. 

There is nothing that Stefan has done that approaches the offensiveness of discussing his mental state in an open email forum, employing with all of the rigor found in a typical a Mike and Mike ESPN rant. 

I'm not a huge fan of asking people to quit it (that's what threading on emails is for), but this is ugly. 

Stop stop stop. At the very least, take it off list. 


On Sunday, April 28, 2013, Pierre-Yves Gérardy wrote:
On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 1:56 AM, Greg Lewin <> wrote:
>>>You should be very careful before diagnosing a mental condition from
>>> email. In other words, don't...
> But I never did.  There are many diagnoses that could fit this, and I never
> tried to name one.
> I _recognised_ a _mental_state_, displayed quite literally in writing and
> very clearly to anyone who can spot the signs (which is why I posted the
> references - did you look them up?).
> afaics nobody else spotted them, and it's not even clear how many managed to
> see that this was essentially a troll, albeit one of the second variety
> (i.e. due to illness).  A lot of the responses suggest otherwise.
> I've also been fairly careful to avoid any actual insult or abuse toward the
> OP, because I recognise the cause as illness rather than malice in this case
> - check back on my posts if you need to.
> If he has been around and behaving like this before (periodically, which may
> itself be a clue ?), and nobody has understood what's really going on until
> now, then maybe it's time someone came up with an explanation.  Do you have
> a better idea?

I agree with you. It's been clear for me since the first time he came around.

Furthermore, Stephan's mental issues impact his everyday life.

A cursory web search reveals that he managed to alienate most if not
all of his friends and family members, and that he's on the brink of
homelessness. He has already been briefly committed in a mental
institution. This is his own account of his life, spread on the web
over the last three years.

> To Stefan Reich, if you're still there: I'm sorry if being discussed in the
> third person is uncomfortable for you.  I hope you have some insight into
> yourself and can find appropriate assistance, if you haven't already.

I second this, Stephan, speaking, if it can add any weight, as a medical doctor.
Seriously questioning one's own sanity requires a great deal of
humility, though, which you probably lack because of your very
troubles (speaking here as someone who underwent similar issues a
decade ago).

You can email me if you want to discuss further.

-- Pierre-Yves