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On 28 April 2013 19:22, Paul Hudson <> wrote:
>>You should be very careful before diagnosing a mental condition from email. In other words, don't...

But I never did.  There are many diagnoses that could fit this, and I never tried to name one. 

I _recognised_ a _mental_state_, displayed quite literally in writing and very clearly to anyone who can spot the signs (which is why I posted the references - did you look them up?).

afaics nobody else spotted them, and it's not even clear how many managed to see that this was essentially a troll, albeit one of the second variety (i.e. due to illness).  A lot of the responses suggest otherwise.

I've also been fairly careful to avoid any actual insult or abuse toward the OP, because I recognise the cause as illness rather than malice in this case - check back on my posts if you need to.

If he has been around and behaving like this before (periodically, which may itself be a clue ?), and nobody has understood what's really going on until now, then maybe it's time someone came up with an explanation.  Do you have a better idea?

To Stefan Reich, if you're still there: I'm sorry if being discussed in the third person is uncomfortable for you.  I hope you have some insight into yourself and can find appropriate assistance, if you haven't already.