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talk of solving the Halting Problem could be a clue.

On 28 April 2013 16:11, Rena <> wrote:

On 2013-04-27 4:44 PM, "Stefan Reich" <> wrote:
> ...on this list.
> It's not MY problem. It's not my ideas. It's not the way I present them. It's not my character. You can't blame it on my anymore. You just can't.

It is the way you present your ideas. You come in saying you have some big idea, to do something that sounds impossible, but you never explain how you intend to achieve these goals. For example, you mentioned a shell that sounds impossibly smart, and claim to have mathematical proof that it works, but you haven't shown that proof, any code, or any explanation of how it works. What are we supposed to do with a project we know nothing about?