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On Sunday, April 28, 2013, Philipp Janda wrote:
Am 28.04.2013 22:06 schröbte Paul Hudson:

No, it doesn't. But you  - like others in this thread - seem to be
assuming it's StackOverflow XOR mailing-list, and it's not. It's
Stackoverflow AND mailing-liust

That's because usually you do use one *or* the other. That's the whole point: to restrict lua-l to "announcements and discussions about the design and future of Lua". One instance I can remember, where someone posted a question to stackoverflow *and* to this list was:

Ya. I'm gonna flip my vote if this is about further restricting what's tolerated on the list. That is:

1: Someone asks a question.

2: The guard says, "Please direct your questions to stack exchange."

3: Someone else chimes, "And by the way, dip shit, it's Lua, not LUA."


I guess I hadn't assumed that the idea was to move questions somewhere else, although now that I read the original post again, I now understand that as the intent. 

So, f I have it right, then I fear for that path and would be very much against it. 


There are 5 answers from this list, and one answer (by lhf who does an admirable job over there) on stackoverflow. The stackoverflow site has 71 page views at the moment and at least four of those are mine.
I used to scan the Lua questions on stackoverflow, but half of those seem to be about some Corona SDK (which either is very popular or very difficult to use ...).

So I'm happy about stackoverflow, because that's where you can post Corona questions, but for the rest I'd prefer to stick to lua-l.