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On 28.04.2013 14:23, Paul Hudson wrote:
>  But that will happen on a stackexchange forum too.

It doesn't really happen so much on stackexchange (which isn't a forum - or at least not a discussion forum). Questions tend to get mostly related answers and comments, extended discussions are discouraged (it's a Q&A site) and moderators can moderate :) more easily than a mailing list.

That is a thing that makes me question it. Forking is a great aspect of mailing lists that's missing on forums. On regular forums offtopic turns topics into a mess. On stackoverflow I don't see offtopic. I'm a noob there, so I don't know how things go with it, but I suspect that it's not flourishing into new discussions as easily as on a mailing list.

In the list I don't see many questions on how to do stuff, which is what stackoverflow seems to specialize on.
The push for stackexchange would
1) Split the community. I suspect there wouldn't be many people who regularly post on both ..ehm..'forums'. Announcements on mailing list won't reach stackexchange exclusive audience. I haven't seen stackexchange used for announcements, but posting announcements there as well as on the list might be an option.
2) Drive some new people to the community, on stackexchange side.

BTW, another option is to put a link to as one of places for discussion on the Lua site.

Best regards,
Sergey Rozhenko