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On 9 April 2013 11:58, Dirk Laurie <> wrote:
> 2013/4/9 steve donovan <>:
>> Somebody out there really likes _ENV!  Not my personal cup of strong
>> caffeinated beverage, but to each their own...
> Your first upvalue is the current global table, unless you don't need it.
> A name is reserved for it. Crystal-clear logic.
> Being someone whose first language never was Lua 5.1 (I converted to
> Luanity in November 2011, when 5.2 was already beta), I've never written
> any Lua code that calls setfenv/getfenv. They feel like curious kludges
> to me :-)

They felt that way to me even in 5.0! Well, perhaps I wouldn't say
"kludges", but they were one of those things that I always had to
double-check in the manual if I was using them right, unlike most of
the rest of the standard library, which quickly becomes second-nature.
_ENV, on the other hand, felt like second-nature from day one.

-- Hisham