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On 8 April 2013 22:05, David Burgess <> wrote:
> 5.2 has been around for some time. It would seem to me that many of
> the packages that, I use, have made no move towards 5.2. Also Lua 5.2
> does not look like it will get luajit support anytime soon.
> The question I have of the seasoned Lua application authors:
> Is the move to 5.2 worth the effort?

No, you evidently have an incorrect perspective - Lua 5.1 has been
around some time. Lua 5.2 is quite young :)

There's nothing inherently wrong with 5.1, and there's nothing
amazingly attractive about 5.2. I expect the majority of people will
continue with the version they are on for some time, there are people
still using Lua 4.0 and earlier just fine.

However more and more new projects will be developed using 5.2, and
gradually it'll cover as much ground as its older brother currently
does. Just in time for 5.3 (where the # operator will always return
the value the user wants).

Make a sensible judgement for your project - if libraries you need are
5.1-only and are not easily ported, or you don't want to invest time
in it, I wouldn't be afraid of sticking with 5.1. On the other hand,
if you can use 5.2... why not go for it?