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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> writes:
> For 5.1 libraries written in Lua, the only difficulty will be dealing
> with setfenv. Ideally this should be handled by rewritten them using the
> new _ENV mechanism or using the new env arg in load.

.... and even that maybe not so difficult... :]

When I added 5.2 support to my code, I realized I was _always_ using
load+setefenv in pairs (even when sometimes they were separated by
quite a bit of other code), although I never intentionally did so, and
that it wasn't hard to make sure the environment was available at
load-time and pass it in to load (5.1 load will just ignore it of
course).  Sometimes a little refactoring was required, but this tended
to make the code clearer anyway....


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