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offering a library means defining an API, that can be used outside of the library (regardless how the lib is built).

If luaU_dump and luaP_op[cm]odes are supposed to be used outside of liblua, then they shall not be marked with hidden-visibility.

If the symbols are supposed to be used only within the library, then luac shall not use them (but the linker can add lopcodes.o to luac, apart from -llua).

Having luac that uses symbols, internal for liblua, and exploits the fact, that liblua is built statically, where the symbol visibility cannot be enforced, hints for a sub-optimal design of the library's external API.

Със здраве

On 04.04.2013 01:16, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
when linking luac.c with (a shared) liblua there is a problem:

luac is meant to be linked statically with liblua.