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Hi all,

I couldn't find an answer with a Google search, so I'm asking here.
Some code that worked in Lua 5.1 croaked in the following way in 5.2:

/usr/bin/lua: ./umenu.lua:128: attempt to call field 'gfind' (a nil
stack traceback:
	./umenu.lua:128: in function 'prompted_argument_substitution'
	./umenu.lua:182: in function 'write_script'
	./umenu.lua:433: in function 'mainloop'
	./umenu.lua:446: in main chunk
	[C]: in ?

Here's the mentioned code:


   125		function self.prompted_argument_substitution(str)
   126			local words = {}
   127			local w
   128			for w in string.gfind(str, "%%.%%.-%%%%") do 
   129				table.insert(words, w)
   130			end

Has something about string.find() changed in 5.2?