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I noticed, that as of lua522 in src/luaconf.h LUAI_FUNC and LUAI_DDEC expand to __attribute__((visibility("hidden")) .

In lundump.h the function luaU_dump is annotated with LUAI_FUNC aka as visibility("hidden"). In lopcodes.h the functions luaP_opnames and luaP_opmodes are annotated with visibility("hidden"), too.

So if liblua was a shared library, the luaU_dumo, luaP_opmodes and luaP_opcodes would be strictly hidden symbols, that cannot be access out of liblua .

However, when linking luac.c with (a shared) liblua there is a problem: luac.c needs the symbols luaU_dump, and via the macros getBMode/getCMode also the symbols luaP_opcoded and luaP_opmodes. This does not work, as the latter symbols are not exported from .

As luaU_dump(), luaP_opcodes and luaP_opmodes are used out of liblua, these shall not be marked with visibility("hidden") in the respective .h files. I kindly ask you to fix that.

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