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On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 5:42 PM, Hisham <> wrote:
> Thanks to everyone involved!

And thanks, Hisham, for keeping the servers cooking and doing the
non-glamourous part of running a package system.

During the last few months, Leaf Cocoran brought out a self-service
option:  If you register, you can put up
your own rockspecs (the current list is here:  I'm starting to use this for
niche stuff e.g Moonscript (obviously!) and also as convenient place
to put scm or dev rockspecs.

E.g. to install the latest ldoc master you can say

luarocks install --from= ldoc

It would be cool if there was a quick form to make a rockspec for the
easy case of a single Lua module or script, plus dependencies.  That
would be perfect for e.g. Dirk to spend 5 min and put up lua-ihelp.

Also, those who are comfortable with rockspecs should think of
packaging existing modules that aren't yet in the repo - e..g have a
look here:

A small change in the rockspec format could make this division between
developers and packagers easier, which is to have both 'author' and
'maintainer' fields (the similar LuaDist format has this).

steve d.