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I'm happy to announce we just reached 250 entries in the LuaRocks
repository (that's 250 different things for which you can run
'luarocks install thing'). Counting multiple versions of projects,
that totals 739 rockspecs so far. It's unfortunate that I haven't kept
proper statistics of contributions, or I could plot a nice graph at
this point. But this little milestone shows that the community keeps
growing and contributing.

It also nicely symbolic that the 250th project included is a pure-Lua
project that makes good use of the LuaRocks modules ecosystem:

> luahue is a Lua library and tools to control Philips Hue light bulbs.  The library
> is a loose wrapper around the REST API provided by Philips.  In
> addition, two command line utilities are included to demonstrate the use
> of the API. The first, `huectl`, is a generic tool that let's you
> control the various properties such as on/off, color, and brightness.
> The second utility, `huebwmon`, changes the colors of lights based on
> network utilization.

Check out the dependency tree for the module:


It's nice to see that the Lua modules ecosystem is making projects
such as this possible.

Thanks to everyone involved!

-- Hisham