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On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 10:26 AM, James Graves
<> wrote:
> I really don't like all the 'local foo = require "foo"' lines that are
> needed for the current style either.  I think it adds too much cruft
> and helps obscure the important information, such as which modules
> are being used.
> James

I really don't like to do anything approaching a discouragement of
someone's pursuit of a harebrained notion of utopia. Heck, there was
this one time, on the Lua list, where I waxed poetic about a "Local as
a table"... but that's completely irrelevant in this thread... :)

To your idea, I will merely grunt the following:

There are times when I'm *using* Lua and my posts might start with,
"I'm dumb... why is it that when I.... XYZ happens?"

There are times when I'm *hacking* Lua, and my posts go like,
"Wouldn't it be neat if the language had this dumb feature that
probably slows everything down and makes things less simple..."

Then, there are times when I'm *fighting* Lua and I post things along
the lines of, "...we need to grab the _ENV using
debug.getupvalue().  Can I use that table as-is, or do I need to make
a new one which uses the old _ENV (or possibly _G) for __index? ..."

It's at those times that I'm reminded that, perhaps my mission in life
is to make the following acronym a recognized meme of Jargon Lexicon:

Enjoy the Language