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Andrew Starks <> wrote:
> <> wrote:
>> Does that sound plausible?  A bigger question is: Does that sound
>> desirable?
> 1: To me, it sounds plausible.
> 2: To me, no way, but I might be missing the goal here.
> Are you guys trying to replicate _ENV in 5.1, and everything that
> you're talking about is in the context of Lua 5.1 and I should just
> stop talking about Lua 5.2? :)

No, this is purely concerning Lua 5.2 and the _ENV which does not
exist in 5.1.

If we get this all running in 5.2, I would consider doing something
similar for 5.1, if that is even possible.

The goal is to isolate all the modules from each other and eliminate
unintentional pollution of the global environment.  Every module has
access to only just what it needs, no more and no less.