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James Graves <> writes:
> One of my goals with this design for an import statement is to
> eliminate a lot of the boilerplate code you normally need to achieve
> what we're talking about.
> I'd like to just have an import statement at the top of the module,
> and a return at the end.  The exported functions could just be
> declared without the 'local' keyword, and the non-exported functions
> with 'local'.  There would not be a need to build a table to return
> the exported functions.
> It could be more concise than how it is normally done now.

That particular boilerplate, though, is so minimal, that I'm not sure
it's worth much effort to eliminate.

Moreover, I think explicitly using the module name in exported function
declarations increases program clarity, so not doing so might even be a
considered a _bad_ thing...


   local blarg = {}

   function () ... end

   function blarg.oink () ... end

   return blargh

Is _more clear_ than a version which leaves out the "blarg." bits.


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