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> On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 8:51 PM, [ex] <> wrote:
>> but it can be returned to base 1 with a define if wanted.
> Eek, having flashbacks to Visual Basic... How does this work if some
> modules use it and some don't? Can it be changed at runtime?

No. Hey! I also remember the nice Option Base 0, old times...
That said, I'm going with index base zero, base 1 is optional for
debugging and porting purposes.
I used it for porting the Love boot scripts and porting my little tetris game.
I was reserving the # token for #pragma something and this could be
set as a global state variable,
but I don't know how that could work with functions calling code with
mixed bases recursively,
It can be made to work but I'm not interested right now..