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luawhatnow? that actually works? I'll be damned.

In my head luajit is a lua compiler, do I have that right? Shouldn't be any reason it wouldn't work as long as the calling conventions are flying in formation.

Sure I'll see what I can do. luajit is released in source form, yes? should be able to get to the bottom of the segfault-on-exit.. in fact there is an excellent chance I've already fixed it. As for the luajit2 thing, my gut is something is binary-incompatible. who knows.

Sure I'll support luajit if I can. (and I would not say no to a little help/guidance)


On 2/15/2012 4:30 AM, Michal Kolodziejczyk wrote:
On 14.02.2012 17:42, curt wrote:

$ lua require_test.lua
with "findable" works fine on my box (tm)
Works great on my box (archlinux 32 bit) with plain lua.

With luajit 1.1.7 I get:
$ luajit require_test.lua
into test
about to sleep
done sleeping
Segmentation fault

With luajit 2.0.0-beta9 I get:

$ luajit2 require_test.lua
into test
Segmentation fault

Would it be possible to get it working with luajit also?
Anyways, looking forward to using tuna as a module!