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On 14 February 2012 06:15, curt <> wrote:
> re:
>> You say there is a 'lua-lanes'-like mode of operation, does it mean
>> that I can something like this?
>> local tuna = require 'tuna'
>> local thread = tuna.startThread('*')
>> local task = thread:startTaskFromBuffer(.....)

> So expect tuna 0.4.2 with "" available to run all of Tuna's
> functionality entirely from lua. I can release it now [privately] to anyone
> who wants to test it but it won't be up on the site until it's quite a bit
> more polished, with some examples/docs, and working for Win32/64 as well.

I'm quite interested for testing. I have little time right now though,
so can't make any promises - but I'd love to poke when I have a spare

> I do need some advice though: I have *NEVER* tried to publish a shared
> library, particularly for *nix. Right now it just builds/links very
> naively:
> $(LOBJS)s
>    g++ -shared -Wl,-soname, -o -lc $(LOBJS) -lpthread
> -lrt -llua
> and that works fine if you run lua from the same directory, but I don't know
> what the standards are for locating/naming it on a standard system. Any
> help/guidance would be much appreciated. like shouldn't I call it
> or something? and put it into /usr/lib or /usr/lib64 with
> an install script?
> Just a pointer to a tutorial or FAQ-for-dummies would be fine, I've been
> googling for the last 20 minutes and have nothing but a headache to show for
> it.

For building:

For installing... that's platform specific. Different Linux
distributions are different, and some people like to install into
/usr/local and some people like to install into /opt/. Most binary
modules for Lua expect you to edit the paths in a config or makefile
before you run make. I suggest you take a look at a makefile of an
existing module with the same licence and borrow from that. I think
installing the .so to '/usr/local/lib/lua/5.1/' by default
would be sensible (it may need to create the directory).

Also sensible would be to make a rockspec for luarocks. Well worth the
time (which, depending on the complexity of building the module, isn't
usually very long). See the 'Tutorials' section here for examples: