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From: Patrick Rapin
Date: 2/14/2012 3:01 PM
I now use Tilde [1] instead of LuaPlus's Remote Lua Debugger.  Tilde is
supposedly architected to accept varying transport layers.  It comes with a
TCP/IP layer.
Sorry, I was in fact referring to Tilde. I did not realize it was an
enhanced fork from LuaPlus debugger (in particular there are still
dependencies to LuaPlus tools).
Still, Tilde seems a great tool and looks very promising, but lacks
(up to date) documentation.
Some form of a tutorial to make it work would be great !

Tilde is _not_ an enhanced fork of the LuaPlus Remote Lua Debugger.

I no longer use the LuaPlus Remote Lua Debugger. Instead, I use an updated version of Tilde. I have made updates on my own, because the folks (Tantalus) who wrote it haven't responded to any emails I have sent. I continue to make updates as I find time for them.

Tilde is not documented superbly well, but it is probably the best open source graphical Lua debugger out there. As such, I am interested in updating it.

And, embarrassingly, I just realized it was you who had sent me a GitHub pull request. I added a comment to it that I need an answer to, and then I would happily pull it in.