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From: Patrick Rapin
Date: 2/14/2012 10:13 AM
  - Lua 5.2 support would be a plus

The remote debugger integrated in LuaPlus [2] seems to be my best bet
up to now, but I still couldn't make it work.
I have pushed my changes [1] that make Tilde work (partially) under Lua 5.2; the updates can be found in the add-tilde-support branch. I am uncertain how to convert certain lua_getfenv() and lua_setfenv() calls. Those are the primary problem spots right now, and the code will assert when it reaches them.

A new -debug command-line option has been added to lua.exe. Use this to make the Lua executable wait for a Tilde connection.

A JamPlus-capable Jamfile.jam is at src/Jamfile.jam. If you have JamPlus, you can build a Tilde-capable Lua 5.2 by just calling 'jam' at the command-line. The Tilde source code is at src/tilde. src/lua.c was copied to src/lua.cpp, and some Tilde updates were added.

Some time soon, I'll merge the Lua 5.2 Tilde with the Lua 5.1 code.

Let me know if you have questions.