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From: Patrick Rapin
Date: 2/14/2012 10:13 AM
I have already tried multiple times over several years to find a
solution to the following need, but with no or limited success.
What I wish is to remote debug Lua scripts in an embedded program or device.
In [1] there is an already impressive list of debugging solutions, but
none seems to fit the following requirements :

  - No dependency on LuaSocket
  - The communication layer between the debugger and debuggee can be
customized (I typically need USB channel)
  - A GUI is much preferable to command line interfaces
  - Lua 5.2 support would be a plus

I now use Tilde [1] instead of LuaPlus's Remote Lua Debugger. Tilde is supposedly architected to accept varying transport layers. It comes with a TCP/IP layer.

I maintain a version of Tilde [2] with updated features at

My intention has been to add Lua 5.2 support, but it hasn't happened yet.