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Hi all,

I'm glad to announce the release of GSL Shell 2.1.

For those who don't know GSL Shell offer an easy way to access the
functions available in the GNU Scientific Library (GSL) using the Lua
programming language. It is based on LuaJIT2 with a customized, more
user friendly, interactive shell. It does gives direct access to many
GSL functions using a Lua interface and it does reimplement in Lua
some GSL functions that require callbacks. Thanks to the amazing JIT
compiler the algorithms implemented in Lua are quite competitive with
C optimized code on both on x86 and x64 architectures.

GSL Shell offer also a quite powerful graphical system to produce many
types of plots and animations. With this new release some new
interesting features are available like:
- support to produce SVG output for any kind of plot
- support to add customized plot legends and axis labels.

I'm also grand to announce that recently three new contributors joined
the GSL Shell project and thanks to them this new release offers:
- a new implementation of the VEGAS algorithm for Monte Carlo integration
- a better and more complete implementation of the special function module
- a smart auto-complete mode based on the readline library.

All the functions are completely documented in the GSL Shell user
manual and a lot of demos are also available from the interactive
command line. A debian package is available and a windows binary
should be released in a few days.

All the information are available from the GSL Shell website:

So, enjoy the wonderful Lua programming language with the GSL and
plotting functions on the tips of your fingers :-)