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T T <> writes:
>> We will switch and as I probably deal with the largest luatex code
>> base I see no big problems in such a switch and actually look
>> forward to that move.  (However, I'd hoped that lpeg would have
>> made it into 5.2.)
> Any chance for a switch to luajit 2 instead?  I don't care for
> speed, but FFI would be a killer feature for scripting, particularly
> on win32.

Depending on LuaJIT _specific_ features like FFI significantly impacts
portability, so it's not a decision to take lightly.  [The Lua "port"
of FFI isn't much of a workaround either -- it's not "portable" in the
sense Lua is -- and of course does not share the performance
advantages of LuaJIT+FFI (in fact, I'd guess it probably _degrades_
performance compared to more traditional techniques).]


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