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2012/2/2 Mateusz Czaplinski <>:
> You might be interested to learn that the fairly new Google Go language,
> with fairly notable names backing it (Ken Thompson, Russ Cox, Rob Pike) does
> have goto, does endorse it, and its codebase *does* use it... like:
> Also, if I recall correctly, in old threads most arguments for and against
> were already given, I'm not sure what value there is in beating this dead
> horse again.

Hi Mateusz,

probably we can close this thread since probably all arguments pro or
against the goto statement have been already expressed.

Just for clarity, I have raised a question to know where Mike Pall
expressed his approbation about the goto statement. I didn't get any
answer about that from Miles Bader so what he wrote is probably not

Also your argument that the goto statement is good just because Go
have goto is not a good argument. I could say also that "the fairly
new programming language erlang does not have a goto statement". And
so what ?

But let us close this thread, I think it is not useful to continue the