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Francesco Abbate <> writes:
> 2012/1/31 Miles Bader <>:
>> Mike's expressed displeasure with some of them (e.g. the details of
>> the 5.2 bit library), and approved of others (e.g., "goto").
>> I suspect luajit will likely over time add various 5.2 features as
>> time and funding allow (and as clients request, of course).
> I didn't find anything where Mike was expressing his approbation for
> the goto statement. I only found that:
> Could you give a reference that support your statement ?
> Otherwise  Edsger Dijkstra made his point a lot of time ago about the

No I'm not going to put any effort into countering your whine.

Yeah, we all know about Dijkstra.  He was speaking in another time, when
goto was widely abused.  His hyperbole served its purpose, but today is
a different world, and idea of "goto" as some sort of unspeakable evil
whose use is never justified is naive.


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