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On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 1:21 PM, Eduardo Ochs <> wrote:
> > Yeah, we all know about Dijkstra.  He was speaking in another
> > time, when goto was widely abused.  His hyperbole served its
> > purpose, but today is a different world, and idea of "goto" as
> > some sort of unspeakable evil whose use is never justified is
> > naive.
> Yes today is a different world but the reasons that where good in
> past are still good today. Spaghetti Lua code with many gotos will
> soon appears in many libraries and applications as more and more
> unskilled programmers will begin to work with Lua 5.2.

Not in _signed_ code, at least...

You might be interested to learn that the fairly new Google Go language, with fairly notable names backing it (Ken Thompson, Russ Cox, Rob Pike) does have goto, does endorse it, and its codebase *does* use it... like:

Also, if I recall correctly, in old threads most arguments for and against were already given, I'm not sure what value there is in beating this dead horse again.

/Mateusz Czapliński.