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> > Yeah, we all know about Dijkstra.  He was speaking in another
> > time, when goto was widely abused.  His hyperbole served its
> > purpose, but today is a different world, and idea of "goto" as
> > some sort of unspeakable evil whose use is never justified is
> > naive.
> Yes today is a different world but the reasons that where good in
> past are still good today. Spaghetti Lua code with many gotos will
> soon appears in many libraries and applications as more and more
> unskilled programmers will begin to work with Lua 5.2.

Not in _signed_ code, at least...

People are still going to be crucified for each "goto" that they
include in code that they release on the internet - and students are
still going to lose points in assignments and tests when they write
programs with gotos.

There is a LOT of social pressure against gotos.

    Eduardo Ochs