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On Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 6:19 PM, Max de Bayser <> wrote:
>> Why not? Shouldn't the beneficiary write down these findings at that point? Perhaps even provide a bit of feedback?
> Now that is an interesting idea. Documentation tools such as
> luadoc/javadoc/doxygen
> could be integrated with some sort of CMS to allow users to post comments.

This is not a new idea, but a lame excuse for the original coder in
"let someone else do it", why is it so difficult and much to ask for
the original coder to write a single line of english for a code block
s/he worked in average an hour upon? Why has someone else work through
the code without any hints, but s/he must then comment it, once done
all that parsing work?

Anyway, Yes this has not much to do with Lua, so I'll stop arguing
about it. I think a programming language maillinglists are prone to
this arguments once in a while.