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> Still... I would argue that, in general, there is a gross misalignment in incentives between who is expected to comment code and who benefits from it.

This formulation on the other hand I agree with. I wouldn't call it
"gross", but the difference in persons between the commenter and the
beneficted is the reason comments are missing. Its the classical of
the economic "dilemma", albeit objectively the total utility would be
far greater with comments, since they are little investment to the one
but great benefit of the other, it might not happen, because of
egoism. But at least lets be honest about that one, "I'm egoistic and
for me the 2% more work I'd have to invest to make your bricolage 50%
more easier is not worth it me, because I'm lazy", instead of this big
"good code comments itself" bullshit, that coders learned insight out
as lame excuse.