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Solinsky, Jeff - PAL wrote:
> It is crashing when main() returns, which I guess might mean
> that there has been stack corruption?

Umm, maybe. Or a special register (r2/r13) got corrupted?

If it crashes for both a regular return from main() and for
os.exit(), then this ought to be a problem in the process exit
handling code in uClibc. Maybe set a breakpoint at the last
instruction of main and step from then on. Not sure how much code

Another possibility is that the kernel somehow gets confused.
Maybe due to the cache flush code, because this is only invoked
when the JIT compiler actually compiled something. Do you see
anything in dmesg?

[I should mention I don't get any such crash on a real PPC box
(i.e. not emulated) running Linux 2.6.37 + EGLIBC.]

> [...] __ashldi3 [...]

This builtin isn't invoked unless you use the FFI. I don't think
it's related in any way to the crash you're seeing.