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Solinsky, Jeff - PAL wrote:
> Running into some issues running LuaJIT 2.0 beta 9 compiled with
> GCC 4.4.6 built with the uClibc 0.9.29 C library.  The
> interpreter works fine, but when using with jit enabled I first
> received this error:
> luajit: can't resolve symbol '__ashldi3' in lib 'luajit'.

This is weird, because this is a symbol dependency that GCC
generates on its own, not something that's used in the source.
This symbol ought to be part of libgcc. Maybe you need to
statically link with libgcc?

> "Command terminated by signal 4", when trying to execute some
> lua code with jit enabled.

This is usually caused by not syncing the D/I-caches after JIT
machine code generation. The support is in lj_mcode_sync() in file
lj_mcode.c. You could try to see whether this actually finds the
VDSO kernel symbol on your installation or whether it bails out to
the dummy function. I guess I should have made this function raise
an error instead ...