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Running into some issues running LuaJIT 2.0 beta 9 compiled with GCC 4.4.6 built with the uClibc 0.9.29 C library.  The interpreter works fine, but when using with jit enabled I first received this error:
luajit: can't resolve symbol '__ashldi3' in lib 'luajit'.
I added an implementation of __ashldi3 into the source and compiled that into LuaJIT to get past that issue, but I now receive
“Command terminated by signal 4”, when trying to execute some lua code with jit enabled.
Compiling again with -DLUA_USE_ASSERT didn’t provide any additional output, just
“Illegal Instruction” was printed and luajit exited.
It’s probably time to fire up GDB.  Thought I’d post to see if anyone else experienced a similar issue or has some tips to speed my debug process.
Thanks and Blessings,