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immerrr again <> writes:
> As some of you might know, lua-mode, Emacs major mode for editing Lua, is
> undergoing integration to Emacs mainline.

Hopefully lua-mode's bogus handling of symbols vs. words will finally
be fixed as a result.....

[lua-mode redefines "_" as a word-component; it shouldn't, as it
really messes with users' instincts, and makes Emacs commands less
useful.  Historically this was often done by language-modes as an
simple (though misguided) expedient to allow them to safely use "\<"
and \>" in regexps matching keywords, but nowadays they shouldn't do
that, they should leave "_" alone and use "\_<" and "\_>" instead.]

A few years ago (one of the previous times an attempt was being made
to include lua-mode), of the lua-mode authors mentioned he was of the
opinion that the existing lua-mode was such a huge hack that it should
just be rewritten from scratch anyway (and said he planned to, but
never seemed to get the time).

If author-archeology proves sufficiently painful, maybe that would
indeed be the more expedient option (especially as there are more nice
tools in emacs for writing modes these days, e.g., Stefan's


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