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Stefan Monnier <> writes:
>> [lua-mode redefines "_" as a word-component; it shouldn't, as it
>> really messes with users' instincts, and makes Emacs commands less
>> useful.  Historically this was often done by language-modes as an
> BTW, this reminds me: why do word-based movement commands even care
> about the syntax-table?  I understand that it's the way they're
> currently implemented, but AFAICT we don't actually want their behavior
> to depend on the major mode, do we?

Dunno, I suppose sometimes maybe it is reasonable to allow the details
to be tweaked; it's "consistency of feel" which is the goal, which may
not always entail literal consistency....

For instance:  is a single-quote part of a word?

In text-mode, it is, and that makes some sense, because single-quotes
are mostly followed by a single letter to form a contracted thingie.
Having word commands stop at the single-letter boundary in such cases
would be pretty annoying and not particularly useful, and generally
wouldn't feel "right" (even though there's a visual boundary).

However in some programming language mode that uses single-quotes like
Ada does, as an operator, you really want them to be punctuation,
because they are used to separate independent pieces that are thought of
as independent.


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