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I'm about to start on a new project, and I'd like to use 5.2 to get to
grips with its new toys and approaches.  But I must have socket support
for it: LuaSocket doesn't appear to support 5.2 yet in any release, and
nor does nixio or any of the other options I've found.

I've seen threads mention ways of getting things to build for 5.2: is
there an automated way of forcing these changes yet?  (ie, a header to
include, etc) or must it be done manually for each (possibly abandoned)
library I wish to use with 5.2?

Also, I was hoping to find a nice one-stop document describing the
differences between 5.1 and 5.2, what the repercussions are for each
change, and how to refactor existing code or understanding to fit with
them.  Specific areas of interest for me at the moment are modules and
setfenv: if somebody has written an article or similar that goes through
the various use cases of both and presents alternatives for use with
5.2, that'd be great.  Otherwise I fear I may misstep.

Or would people recommend I stick with 5.1 for now?