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Reuben Thomas wrote:
> On 7 January 2012 08:30, Sean Bolton <> wrote:
> > I agree your "save history" patch seems like unnecessary
> > duplication.  On the other hand, rlcompleter differs from
> > Mike's patch (which I am now maintaining) in two important
> > ways:
> In that case, would you be prepared to split Mike's patch into a save
> history patch and a completion patch? Otherwise, those who want to use
> rlcompleter can't get saved history (or if rlcompleter is compatible
> with Mike's patch, they might still quite reasonably not want a patch
> much of which they don't use).
> Then we'd have one save history patch and two complementary completion
> methods (one a patch, one a module), which would still be a definite
> improvement on the current situation.

Umm, isn't this overdoing things a bit? I mean, the patches I'm
hosting have seen only around 50 downloads (excluding bots) in
December 2011, despite the recent announcement on the mailing
list. It's very kind of Sean to still maintain them, but I really
wouldn't put too much extra effort into this.