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Hi, people of the list!

I'm glad to announce initial release of my project NOMRHIS.

NOMRHIS is a multimedia browsing system.

- Network and standalone modes are supported.
- In network mode both TCP and UDP are supported.
  Encryption and compression are implemented using GnuTLS.
- Graphical system is based on OpenGL: most features
  including GPU programs are supported.
- There is a multithreaded Lua environment as a client-side scripting system.
- Server-side luanguages currently supported are Lua and C
- The license is MIT
- Currently supported OS is GNU/Linux (more are comming)

The browsing system is featured with examples and documentation.

Client area site is (or for
Russian version).

Developer's area site is
- the learning guide:
- example pack:
- mailing list:

Try it out, subscribe to the list, create, share and have fun!