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lgi 0.4 (alpha series) was released. As usual, available either from luarocks (luarocks install lgi) or from its github homepage[1], [2].

Any comments or other feedback will be greatly appreciated, use github
issue tracker [3] for reporting bugs.

Happy hacking!


The list of changes since previous 0.3 version:

- Changed handling of enums and bitflags, switched from marshaling
  them as numbers to prefering strings for enums and tables (sets or
  lists) for bitflags.  Numeric values still work for Lua->C
  marshalling, but backward compatibility is broken in C->Lua enum and
  bitflags marshalling.
- Compatible with Lua 5.2 and LuaJIT
- Added standardized way for overrides to handle constructor argument
  table array part.
- Existing Gtk overrides reworked and improved, there is now a way to
  describe and create widget hierarchies in Lua-friendly way.  See
  `docs/gtk.lua`, chapter about `Gtk.Container` for overview and
- Various bugfixes and portability fixes.