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I am happy to announce the release 1.0.0 of JNLua.

JNLua (Java Native Lua) integrates the Lua Scripting Language into Java. The
integration is based on the original implementation of Lua and uses the Java
Native API (JNI).

JNLua 1.0.0 adapts JNLua to Lua 5.2. The release notes provide a detailed
list of changes:

Overview information on JNLua, generated Javadoc, downloads, and
documentation are available on the project web site:

JNLua 0.9 continues to be maintained for use with Lua 5.1. JNLua 0.9.2 is
released in parallel with 1.0.0 and provides a backport of fixes for issues
that were discovered during the 1.0.0 development.