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We're going to need bindings to openssl soon, not to do ssl/tls, but
to pull keys out of x.509 certs, do pkcs1("rsa")
encryption/decryption, and will need symetric aes crypo, digests, and

I'll be evaluating which existing toolkit for us to use, and I've lots
of crypto and lua binding experience, so I'm fine with adding
functionality to whatever toolkit we select (so, hopefully its on
github, that'll make it easier). So far, this is what I've found in a
quick half-hour scan:

  -, no crypto
  -, some crypto, not enough
  -, fork of above, more active, not sure
    if its complete enough
  -, more crypto, not sure if
its complete enough
    and some comments suggest it might not all work, active

Any others I should look at?

Btw, no crypto refers to bindings that do digest and hmacs, but not
encryption/decryption (symetric or asymetric). That's not a
dealbreaker if its a nicely written binding, and easy to extend.