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On 5 January 2012 01:39, Sam Roberts <> wrote:
> We're going to need bindings to openssl soon, not to do ssl/tls, but
> to pull keys out of x.509 certs, do pkcs1("rsa")
> encryption/decryption, and will need symetric aes crypo, digests, and
> hmacs.
> I'll be evaluating which existing toolkit for us to use, and I've lots
> of crypto and lua binding experience, so I'm fine with adding
> functionality to whatever toolkit we select (so, hopefully its on
> github, that'll make it easier). So far, this is what I've found in a
> quick half-hour scan:
>  -, no crypto

LuaSec doesn't aim to bind libcrypto, but since you brought up certs I
think I should mention that we've added the necessary APIs to perform
some X.509 certificate inspection/verification at: (status of this is the same as
my LuaSocket "fork", I consider it temporary).