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Firstly let me say, thank you very much to the Lua team for all their hard work and congrats on releasing 5.2.0.
I am a big fan of Lua, so this is not intended to be a negative post, but from my first glance at 5.2 I really cant get excited about the changes. I admit I havent spent long looking at this so far, today is the first time I have downloaded and built 5.2. Maybe I am missing something, it would be interesting if someone that has a better handle on the changes could sell it to me ?
My usage of Lua is for an embedded hardware project that uses an oddball OS and a slow CPU. So changing to switch to 5.2 is a lot of work for me to port to the unsupported OS. Hence I need to feel there is going to be a tangible benefit for me to tackle it.
Just for info, things that are important to me and what I would have liked to have seen. (Dont flame me for repeating some of these things again !)
1)  Improve speed of compilation to Lua byte code   
2)  Improve speed of execution of bytecode
3)  Continue statement
4)  Add the convenience construt of   x += 123  (and other similar operators)
5)  Restoration of old Lua feature where it used to be Endianism agnostic
6)  I dont like long if else blocks, so a select case construct would have been nice  IMHO.
Regarding points 1&2 should I expect a speed improvement or degradation or no noticeable change ? With a slow CPU, this is critical for me.
The new bit operations is a good feature that I did miss in 5.1.4, but I had fixed that almost from day 1 with Mike Pall's neat library.
I am not even sure I can spell  "Ephemeron tables"  let alone understand them and find them useful :)
Regards Geoff