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On Sat, Dec 17, 2011 at 16:47, Jeff Smith <> wrote:


> Just for info, things that are important to me and what I would have liked
> to have seen. (Dont flame me for repeating some of these things again !)

> 1)  Improve speed of compilation to Lua byte code
> 2)  Improve speed of execution of bytecode
> 3)  Continue statement
> 4)  Add the convenience construt of   x += 123  (and other similar operators)
> 5)  Restoration of old Lua feature where it used to be Endianism agnostic
> 6)  I dont like long if else blocks, so a select case construct would have been nice  IMHO.

Not to start a holywar, but to merely show the contrast opinion: I,
personally, would *not* be happy to see features 3, 4 and 6 in Lua.
I'm not discussing here why — pros and cons were discussed extensively
in the past.

Granted, if I see these features added in Lua, I would not be too
unhappy, and maybe would even use some of them from time to time. But
I would see inclusion of these features as an indication that
something is wrong with Lua team. :-) Anyway, definitely, features 3,
4 and 6 would not be pros for *me* when considering switch to 5.2.

I use LJ2 for features 1 and 2 (but then I'm not on embedded). And, as
I'm not on embedded and PPC Macs are all but gone, feature 5 is not
quite relevant for me as well.

So, strangely enough, none of features you request from 5.2 would sell
it to me. I'm not saying that there is something wrong with your point
of view or right with mine, mind you. That's just to illustrate that
language design is hard :-)

My 2c,