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I see my past experience with node and my preference for pure-scripted
programs is showing here in my project.  Yes those were both explicit
goals in making Luvit.  My mantra whenever I stay up late writing C++
webgl bindings for nodejs or implementing luvit in C is "I write C so
you don't have to".  I want to provide all the primitives needed to
make a program so that the script is all that's needed once the
runtime is installed.

On Sat, Dec 3, 2011 at 9:59 PM, jiang yu <> wrote:
> Oh, My god, should I regard it as the third revolution of Lua.
> 1. lua language self, simple,clean and powerful
> 2. lua jit, speed
> 3. luvit, make writing pure lua program simple
> lua can be easily embed in program,but use pure lua write large
> project is a pain, why? it lack some import,efficiency,modern,standard
> lib like timer,net,asyn io... (so you still need make wheel or wrap
> some c/c++ libs); there are many ways in lua's module, no Unified. It
> seems luvit do it BOTH.