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After reading comp.lang.lisp for few years...

I do agree :)

There are lots of smart people over there (and some visit here, at least one of the Pascal's :) - for people knowing the two lists)

But then we had over there one very obscene person, that like emacs and having pictures of his masculinity on his web page... along with other emacs lectures....

On 11/21/11 8:52 AM, Enrico Tassi wrote:
On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 04:28:56PM +0000, Stefan Reich wrote:
- a positive spirit

I'm sorry you felt bad for the recent thread, but according to my
experience the lua-l is one of the few mailing list with a welcoming
attitude and with a good signal/noise ratio. Really!

So my suggestion is to just ignore this episode rather than making it
bigger by creating a new ML supposed to replace one of the best lists